2019 - / 端材、小径木、オイル仕上げ、ウレタンフォーム、綿、椅子生地、鋲


w180 h105 d80 mm

2019 - / remaining wood, small diameter wood, oil, urethane foam, cotton, interior fabric, tack
When I made animal stools from leather, I suddenly thought it was strange to peel an animal and make a cute animal shape.
Although I can't be a vegetarian (I can't continue to work if I don't eat meat properly), I make it to commemorate the sadness of human ego and livestock.
It is made from the rest of the wood that made the furniture and small diameter domestic hardwoods that are used as fuel or pulp in small or fine granules. The fabric is the end cloth that comes out of Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd. when making furniture.

- Sheep

作品画像 作品画像

- Cow

作品画像 作品画像

- Reindeer